What is a SketchCrawl? 
A sketchcrawl is an opportunity for people who like to sketch (or who would like to try sketching) to gather together and draw their surroundings. They are held four times per year and sketchers from all around the world join in their local areas.  Our event will be held on the occasion of the 45th World Wide SketchCrawl. 

Some sketchers may choose to draw buildings while others prefer to draw  people. Cars or landscapes may be selected by others. It's all up to you!  It's similar to  a pub crawl where people go from place to place, but in this case, everyone is making sketches over a period of time. Before and after sketching, we usually gather to talk and share sketches.  The sketchcrawl may go for hours and sketchers are invited to take part for whatever amount of time suits them.

Who can participate? 
Anyone of any age.

What do I need to bring?
Bring something to draw on (sketchbook or loose paper) and a pencil or other media. Some people like to draw with pens, others use watercolors or colored pencils. It's your choice. 
Some sketchers may like to sit on a small portable stool or foldable chair.

Do I have to draw well?
No. There will be people of all skill levels. It's noncompetitive, but we share our sketches because it's fun to discover how others see and sketch their world.

Can I take public transit to the event?
Absolutely! This corner of downtown is near many major bus lines, as well as the MAX light rail trains and also the Portland Streetcar. You can plan your trip at http://trimet.org/

I'm driving to the event. Where do I park?

On-street parking is available in the area around the sketchcrawl. Read the information on the parking meters to get current data on prices and hours.  It may be a very busy day downtown, though, which can make it hard to find an on-street parking spot. 

There are three SmartPark Garages (City Parking Lots) close to the venue, they are located at:

* 10 and Yamhill, - 730 SW 10th Ave., $5.00 max on Saturday and Sunday, $14.00 weekdays
* 4th and Yamhill, 818 SW 4th Ave., $5.00 max on Saturday and Sunday, $12.00 weekdays
* 1st and Jefferson, 123 SW Jefferson St., $6.00 max on Saturday and Sunday, $15.00 weekdays

Hourly rates:
1 hour: $1.60
1-2 hours: $3.20
2-3 hours: $5.00
3-4 hours: $7.00
(Note: Rates may change July 1, 2014)

There are two surface lots at SW 10th and SW Main two blocks from the venue. Rates vary weekend to weekend depending on demand; rates should range from $5.00 to $8.00
There is a surface lot at SW Salmon and SW 11th; rates should range from $4.25 to $6.00
Parking under Director’s Park (Fox Tower Parking) (enter between SW Broadway and SW Park on SW Taylor. Saturday and Sunday the all-day maximum is $8.50 and if you are in by 9:30am the Sat/Sun maximum rate is $4.00.

What else is there to do in Portland?
  • The Urban Sketchers of Portland have some of their sketchbooks on display in the Multnomah County Library. On the first floor, check the wall display right outside the Popular Library. On the 3rd floor, upon entering the Art and Music room, turn right and head toward the back where you'll see more sketchbooks in a display case under the large clock.
  • The White Stag Building at 70 NW Couch also has some PDXUSK sketches on display inside the building next to the UO Portland Library and Learning Commons.  The UO Portland Library has also put out some postcards with books about sketching.

    The following are s
    ome sketchable places within easy walking distance of the sketch crawl: 
  • The Portland Art Museum It costs to enter, but there are sculptures outside in the courtyard and around the building. There's also a small coffee shop inside where you can get a view of the gift shop.
  • The Farmers Market at PSU (Saturday) Here you'll find vendors selling fruits and vegetables, flowers, baked goods, wine, preserves, cheese, chocolates, and more! There are lots of food vendors near the south and there's always live music and plenty of people.
  • Director Park This square has lots of chairs, a large chess set,  a fountain where young children often play, a glass canopy, and several places to get some food.
  • Pioneer Courthouse Square You can sit on the benches or steps and draw the courthouse or the other people. The patio outside of Starbucks also has good views.
  • Waterfront Park This park borders the Willamette River, with the Saturday Market at the northern end and fountains, bike rentals and boats to the south. If you like to sketch bridges, this is the place to go.
  • LanSu Chinese Garden There is an entry fee, but it is a lovely spot with plants, Chinese architecture, pools, interesting rocks and a tea house with small snacks.
  • Jamison Square This park has some shady spots and a fountain where little children and dogs play. Sometimes there'll be a bocce ball game going. There are always some opportunities for sketching people here or you can look to the southeast and sketch the Ecotrust Building or (if you're very quick) the streetcar.
  • Tanner Springs Park This is a natural-looking park with tall grasses, flowing water and a wall made of old railway ties. There are views of the Fremont Bridge and often some sunbathers.
  • The Fields Park This open space with lots of sun has great views of the Centennial Mills.
  • Icon--The Illustration Conference is taking place in Portland from July 9-12. Great timing! 
  • The Portland Zine Symposium is scheduled for July 12 and 13 as well. 
Many visitors to Portland also like to go to:

Where are some art stores in Portland?
The art store closest to the sketch crawl is  Blick
Close in NE Portland on Burnside is locally owned and operated Columbia Art and Drafting
and a bit further out is locally owned and operated Muse on SE Hawthorne.
The Duck Store at 70 NW Couch has some art supplies.
The PSU Book Store at 1715 SW 5th may also have a few art supplies.

What’s the weather going to be like during the sketch crawl?
We are currently expecting hot weather this weekend, with early morning/late evening temperatures around 65-75 degrees and daytime highs around 90 degrees. While our location in the South Park Blocks offers an abundance of pleasant shade, please dress for the heat and don't forget sunscreen!  Latest weather data: AccuWeather

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